Can I Marry You?

This isn’t as dumb a question as it may at first appear.

This week, I’ve been tracking the enquiries I’ve had from couples who wanted me to marry them at some point over the next 12 months, and I’ve had to apologise to two thirds because I am already fully committed on the date in question.

That’s NOT to say that I can’t take any more Saturday bookings this summer – I can.

But most people want to get married at some point on a Saturday afternoon during the summer, and as there are only 16 Saturday afternoons available, it doesn’t take long for them to go.

What makes it even more of a challenge is that as more and more people want to have a humanist wedding ceremony, there are still only 58 celebrants across the whole of Scotland authorised to conduct them.

So I’ve got a few suggestions.

First of all, when you’ve decided on a date, look for a celebrant at the same time as you look for a venue.
If the date isn’t absolutely critical, be flexible; a wedding can be just as wonderful on a Friday or a Sunday.
If you can, marry on a weekday; many venues charge a premium for weekends and you may find they’re very glad of your custom.

Finally, I’ve got a question.

Would you like to be able to enter your date and time into a web form, and then see which celebrants in your area are free and able to conduct your marriage ceremony?
I’ve created a little poll on the right hand side of this blog, so if you can spare two seconds, please let me know.
It’s something I’m working on and I think it could be a big help to us all.

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