Carol & Craig’s Humanist Wedding at Glencorse Kirk

I really enjoyed working with Carol and Craig, who created a wonderful and very moving ceremony and sent me this lovely testimonial.

“I wanted to extend my heartfelt thanks for helping make our wedding day so unique and memorable. From the minute I walked down the aisle I could tell that you’d ‘warmed the crowd’ as the atmosphere was so relaxed and happy. I loved every single minute of the ceremony, by far the best part of the day, and without you I’m not sure Craig and I would have known where to start. You can’t begin to imagine the impact you had on all of our friends and family, no-one had ever been to a ceremony that was so relevant to the couple and delivered with such sincerity. Infact, some of our engaged friends are asking for your number as they no longer have a misconceived idea of how dull a wedding has to be!”

“I could go on and on, but I just wanted to thank you for making our day the best of our lives. I smiled from start to finish and was on a high for weeks afterwards. I’ve watched the ceremony on video at least 10 times and there’s not one thing I would change. It was perfect.”

“The atmosphere continued all evening with guests talking about the ceremony any moment they could….so you see, not only did you make the ceremony special, but you ensured everyone was on a high for a very very long time thereafter.”

So, not much for me to live up to now, is there Carol? Thank you both very much indeed xxx

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