Ruari and Gill’s Humanist Wedding at Aberdour Castle

As most people marry later in life these days, stories of star-crossed teenage sweethearts are hard to come by, but that was Gill & Ruari’s story. From a glance across the floor at the school disco, via a Hogmanay snog, university separation, reconnection through a supermarket stalk all the way to a proposal on a sun-kissed beach in southern Skye, their story had their friends and families alternately in stitches and piping tears from their eyes.

Aberdour is a well-preserved castle, that still has a roof over much of it, so it’s a lot warmer than many other Historic Scotland properties. I remember when I turned up for the rehearsal, Ruari’s mum and her friends were putting finishing touches to the elaborate floral displays and when I got there on the day, I could smell the bouquet all the way down the stairs: it was a lovely touch.

Aberdour Castle has a great cafe and it’s right next to the railway station, so it’s well worth checking out if you’re still looking for somewhere interesting to get married.

I got a lovely email from Gill & Ruari when they got back from honeymoon, saying, “Thanks again for everything, it was a fantastic ceremony. So many people have said to us how much they enjoyed it having never been to a humanist ceremony before. Great news and largely down to you so thanks again.” While it’s always nice to hear, I don’t believe that it’s true: I think it’s all down to what the couple themselves choose to say; it’s just my privilege to help them discover it and say it for them on the day.

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