Katy & Beej’s Humanist Wedding at The Atrium Restaurant in Edinburgh

Everyone but everyone wants to get married at 2.30 pm on a Saturday afternoon, which means of course that the venues have you over a barrel and can charge a premium. I think more people should copy Katy and Beej’s example and marry on a Monday, when even a top restaurant, like The Atrium will be delighted to see you and genuinely grateful for the business!

Beej and Katy had a wonderful story. They met entirely by accident when they were separately hitching to Glastonbury and both happened to get into the same rickety van.

They put a lot of thought and imagination into their ceremony and I particularly liked this phrase they chose to use

“The words we say today have no magic or prophetic powers. The power of the wedding vows is merely a reflection of a reality that already exists in the hearts and minds of these two people. Beej and Katy, nothing I can say, or nothing you can say to each other, will ensure a long and happy, satisfying and committed marriage. Only your love for one another, and your integrity to make your commitment real can do that. “

Katy wrote, “Beej and I would just like to say a big thank you to you for making our day so wonderfully special and personal. From the very beginning of the process when you filled our heads with ideas and questions and ‘what ifs?’, to the actual day when you simultaneously calmed the groom, entertained the guests and held court during the proceedings, it was a pleasure and an honour to work with you.

Every single one of our guests commented on the originality of the day, and we had so many lovely comments throughout the day about the ceremony we wrote – which we couldnt have done without your guidance and advice. It was lovely to be able to have a day that so actively involved our mothers and families in the way we did, and really truly made it an occasion about the joining of two families and not just the marriage of two individuals.”

Thanks to Peter Rehal of Keystone Photography for the pics

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