Need Help Planning your Wedding?

A lot of venues have their own in-house wedding planners and a splendid job they do too. But there are one or two hardy souls out there who can plan anything, anywhere, anytime. Wendy McArthur is one such. Her company Utopia Scotland is based near Gleneagles Hotel where she was an Events Manager for nine years. Now she works all over the country and she is so good, she won a VOWS Award last year. I asked her to explain in her own words what it is that she does, so she sent me what she wrote on her nomination form.

“Utopia-Scotland does everything possible to exceed customer expectations. That includes being available all day every day by phone or email, listening closely to the customer’s requirements, treating every enquiry and booking as a unique event and getting to know the clients as well as possible in order to ensure that they are comfortable discussing every detail of the wedding and expressing any concerns. There is no limit to the time spent on each wedding before the event or on the day. Eveything possible is done to ensure that each wedding is perfect and exactly as the bride and groom wanted it to be while also giving practical advice on how best to achieve this.”

The key phrases (from my observation of the way she works) are “being available all day every day” and “there is no limit to the time spent on each wedding”. and her many satisfied customers back her up. So if you want someone to do the hard yards for you, drop her a line.

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