Nicola & Jim’s Humanist wedding at Dundas Castle


Nicola and Jim came all the way from Yorkshire to find a suitable location for their fairytale wedding.



After a lot of searching, they finally settled on the spectacular Dundas Castle just outside Edinburgh.



They were lucky to get Roddy the Piper, who’s not just an outstanding player but even helped the best man to tie his ghillies – in case you don’t know, here’s how to do it yourself.



They took Polaroid shots of all the guests so they each had their own page in their wedding book.



One of their friends, Andy read a favourite poem of mine by the late lamented Hovis Presley, called ‘I rely on you’. Click here to see Hovis reading it.



They had a fantastic cake, although I still can’t imagine how they cut it without shattering it into a thousand pieces!

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