Even though this is the era of “Ola!” and “OK!”, there are still some couples who don’t want any photographs of any kind taken by anyone at their wedding. That might seem eccentric to you, but I find it quite touching. Most people want to have more tangible memories so choosing the right photographer is important. I’ve been lucky to work with some good ones, and Martin Pettinger is one of them. You can see his shots of Barbara & Colin’s wedding at Arnott Tower here.

Tony Marsh, who’s based in Edinburgh, is another genius with a long lens – his background is in reportage and he’s very good at ‘stealing’ shots without you even realising he’s there. This one’s from the wedding of John and Fiona at Kirknewton Stables.

One idea I often suggest is that with digital cameras and online photo-sharing, everyone can be the photographer: think about it. Your photographer can only ever be in one place at any given time (or two if there’s an assistant), but your friends and family can get shots from angles they’ll never be. You could create a free web-page and invite everyone to post their shots there. And given that some “photographic packages start from around £1500..” it’s not just more creative, it frees up some cash!

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