Lenny Loves Music

It’s always good to have live music during your wedding, but no party is complete without a great DJ. May I introduce Lenny Love, aka Doctor Love, aka, the Love God, aka Dino Martini from Scotland’s favourite club, Vegas.

Lenny’s career in the music industry has been long and illustrious. A former A&R man at Island Records, he launched his own label Sensible Records, managed Art School punk legends, The Rezillos and tour managed Simple Minds, before going onto work as a SONY award winning DJ on various stations including Edinburgh’s Radio Forth. He now DJ’s for various clubs across the world, from Adelaide to Barcelona and is available for your wedding.

His record collection is vast, his judgement impeccable, his fee modest, and his taste catholic. As he says, he likes everything from the ’30s to the present day, country to crooners, disco to divas, easy to cheesy, funk to punk, hip-hop to be-bop, jazz to jive, latin to lounge, pop to rock, blues, soul, R & B, swing, as well as music from movies and TV.

You can find him here on Twitter, and any minute now, he’ll be launching his own website, Lenny Loves Music where you’ll be able to get an idea of how he gets the dancefloor moving and grooving, pumping and jumping, and generally having a funky good time…

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